Plaintext summary

Can we have plain-text summary like those ones on the newsletter?

I’m not quite sure whether discourse allows this option tho

M-x eww RET RET. Doesn’t look too bad.

I didn’t mean reading the posts as plain text but “Since your last visit”-like email summaries. They are labeled as Activity Summary under the settings.

It’s still possible for me to open them as html inside xwidget (not directly though because there is no link to the email, would have to extract the html manually first) or eww but I think it would be more convenient if those were just plain text emails.

In notmuch.el I see first the plaintext version of the summary and it’s pretty good, with all the links as numbered footnotes.

Hmm… can you share an example? The screenshot I posted is from mu4e view


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I was going to move to notmuch.el. Found out today that mu added this feature

Nice, I’m glad that there’s a good plain text version included with the emails!

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