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IIUC Discourse has (had?) a threaded view as well as the flat view. I can’t find one here. Am I missing something?

Oooh that might be nice… right now replies look quite confusing to me since all I see is that there was a reply and a post is a reply, but without a quote it’s not apparent which replies are to what.

This is a reply. On the desktop there are arrows/names in the top right corner of the message to see one that was replied to. On the replied to message there is an arrow in the same position to open the thread.

But yes, I find it a bit confusing that the reply then also shows up at the bottom of the conversation.

Or maybe not? I don’t see it here, but it works in Emoji reactions have been enabled! - #10 by ryuslash

It’s seems that I can turn on this option but I don’t know if it will negatively impact the conversation flow:

Let me know if you want to try it out!

Oh glorious leader, I want to try it out. Consider yourself having been let know.


Let’s test it out, I’m replying directly to your post.

I guess I was mistaken; a bit of googling shows that Discourse’s “threading view” is not like a traditional email thread or newsgroup:

Discourse’s threading model is designed to promote better, more considerate, conversation that’s rigorously focused on the topic of the original post

To me, that’s nearly anti-discourse, because human conversations don’t work that way. If a group of people are talking, and 5 minutes later the conversation has moved on, the first person who spoke doesn’t get to say, “Hey, we’re supposed to be talking rigorously about what I mentioned.” Somehow, newsgroups and Slashdot and Reddit and other actually-threaded forums have thrived for decades, but Discourse doesn’t think that model is discourse… :confused:

Hm, I’m not sure where to click to activate the alternative view.

I can’t really figure it out either! The setting is on, though

It seems that you must click on the username next to the timestamp in the top-right corner.

Yep, I believe so. That’s actually not bad, makes the filtering more opt-in when you see a sub convo you’re interested in.

I actually really like the threaded view. It’s nice and simple and you can quickly toggle it off and explore the conversations

Except that it kept adding entries to my back history so I had to press back a bunch of times to go back to the main page D:

Yep, now that I figured out the right way to use it, I think it’s a really nice solution to focus in on specific conversations within a topic. Discourse keeps impressing me!

Hopefully I’ll understand it at some point soon, because right now I have no clue what it does or how it works… Maybe it’ll start making sense once I try it a few more times :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, I think it’s starting to make more sense now.