Emacs UI for Discourse

Well, there’s a discourse package from 2016 that offers a “discourse api,” and there’s nndiscourse for Gnus, but other than that…

I think @sqrtminusone has been investigating this a little bit. Maybe another Emacs package expert can be nerd-sniped into it too? :wink:

I think not. At least, not anytime soon. I already have another chil…I mean, package, activities (which you should try, BTW). :slight_smile:

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Yeah, basically, it should be possible, but it will probably be a few weeks before I can try to make something of it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just a bit surprised nothing like that already exists, not even some TUI client

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Had not heard of it yet, link me?

If I may, I’d suggest using the Emacs ewoc library to build the UI. And/or magit-section.


Let me know if you need an API key when you give it a shot, I’ll set it up


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Grr, no! Not “OK!” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, yes, the power! I can control the alphapapa!

Another possibility would be if there were a Matrix bridge for Discourse, since we already have an Emacs UI for Matrix… :wink:

That’d be cool… I only remember seeing ewoc used for jabber.el, but haven’t looked for any others.

Let’s see if I can post a reply with curl

The vc commands use ewoc, but it’s not obvious.

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Yay, it works :smiley: And it… has a minimum message length of 20? Interesting

Whoa, nice, were you able to get your own api key?

No, I re-used the cookie, which is returned in Set-Cookie in the login request

Somehow I feel like I should have noticed this while working on vc-p4 :open_mouth:

Also, the API is a bit… intrusive lol, it POSTs what I’m doing like every second, the message request has fields typing_duration_msec, composer_open_duration_msec… I wonder if it’s all recorded.

And what for.

Probably saving your drafts as you write them, and it’s sending typing notifications like a chat client. That’s kind of cool, e.g. I saw David typing in response whereas without it I would have navigated away. It’s almost like each thread is (or can be) a small chat room.

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Yeah, although it also seems odd to have the typing notifications in forum software because it can take quite a while to type up a response.