New Project: tw_rss

Greetings crafters!

I’m excited to announce the release of a project I’ve been working on known as tw_rss.

tw_rss is an RSS feed generator for Tiddlywiki, a non-linear notebook similar to that of Org-Roam, Obsidian, etc. It takes advantage of a software design pattern known as “worker pools” to concurrently analyze each individual “tiddler” - known as a note in other note-taking systems - to build out your feed for you based on a set of specified parameters. tw_rss was written in the Go programming language, with the main design goals of being simple and fast.

This project was directly inspired by the works of @shom and @benoitj on Craftering, and my love for using the TiddlyWiki both as a personal site and note-taking system. Since there was no official RSS generator available for the TiddlyWiki, what better way to partake in the system crafters spirit than to build a solution myself!

If you haven’t played around with the TiddlyWiki, I highly recommend doing so! It is a wonderful piece of software, and makes for a great personal website :smiley:

Happy hacking!

Project link: ~tdback/tw_rss - An RSS generator for your TiddlyWiki blog! - sourcehut git


This is really @shom’s project. To be fair, I’m mostly an influencer on craftering :slight_smile:

Thanks @Shom and @tdback

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Every influencer needs an influencee, @benoitj and I know our roles. Thanks for sharing and the shout-out @tdback!