Hackathon Ideas

Hey there fellow crafters!

I thought it would be fun to discuss some cool project ideas that people may want to hack on in their favorite language(s). Maybe dates could be set for everyone to get together over IRC (or some other medium) and try and complete the projects. I’m thinking something very similar to a game jam, but maybe exploring other project types. I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

Happy hacking!


A long time ago I ran a reasonably popular forum for a while, and I tried to do a few fun things to make it unique, rather than just another installation of $popular_forum_software_of_the_day.

Using Discourse here could give us a similar opportunity, but it would be much more fun if we could write extensions to it in a Lisp or Scheme. So I propose that we build a simple framework in ClojureScript or one of those Scheme-to-JS compilers that would allow us to hack on fun Discourse extensions in a fun language. Then we could have weekend hack-a-thons that would produce something tangible and fun that the community could immediately benefit from. It could potentially snowball into some really cool stuff.


Thanks for raising this topic, I’d definitely like to get some official hackathons going this year!

Some random ideas I’ve had:

  • Craft a configuration for an interesting set of tools as an experiment. Maybe not something you would use every day, but a way to learn about how other tools work and share it with the community
  • Write a new Emacs package from scratch
  • Design a project management workflow with Org Mode
  • Write an IRC bot and have it battle other IRC bots in a special channel on Libera

Would love to hear what other ideas people would be interested to try!

What time of year would people be more interested in / have more time to work on something like this? I think we could go ahead and put something on the calendar and start working toward it soon.


Interesting idea! I’ll have to look into how customizable Discourse is with plugins. I’m using the hosted version by Discourse so I’m not sure how much ability I have to install any plugin I want. Certainly an idea worth investigating though!

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When i skimming through different guile project found this

The Guile community held a hack-potluck to celebrate Guile2 turning two - which is a contest to write a cool program in a few weeks. And so, Artanis was born.

source: About GNU Artanis

May be we can have hack-potluck similar to this, and create some cool libraries in Guile scheme.

Better we can collect the list of libraries that are missing in Guile scheme before the contest and we can hack together solo or group and see how much we can pull through.


Artanis is a cool guile project.

It is very hackable and already in a stable stage.