RFC: An awesome list for System Crafters?

Hi folks,

What do you think of building an “awesome” list for this community, to help discover interesting blogs, configuration, art or crafting projects of all sorts?

If your answer is yes, well what do you think of: benoitj/awesome-systemcrafters: Proposal for a awesome page for the system crafters community Crafting of all sorts, code, config, things, art, and more. - Codeberg.org

you can vote by submitting a PR with your own links :wink:


The idea seems good to me. I wonder if a Wiki might be a more suitable format. Cloning a repo and sending a PR is generally a lot more effort than editing a Wiki page.

yes, but where? :slight_smile:

I’m open to submitting ticket too. the overhead to approve a PR or to just copy paste the links is pretty much the same

what if this was a “pinned post”, people reply to the post to get their stuff added. that might have the behavior close to a wiki

I’m replying to my own post. @alphapapa, we can turn posts into “wiki”, which adds a “edit” button, and has revision control.

what about this? Awesome crafting links from the community

Awesome idea :slight_smile: Using a forum post as wiki is a good idea, I’ve been meaning to try it for a while but hadn’t got to it yet. This will be a great trial run!

i’m wondering if someone else than you can edit the post, or if all they would have to do is reply and we integrate new links as we see them

Since you turned it into a wiki post, I think anyone should be able to edit it directly. Anyone want to try it? I’m not a good candidate because I can edit any post :slight_smile:

I had no idea that “wiki posts” were a thing!

exactly, I had no Idea too :smiley:

Works for me! Posts must be at least 20 characters

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Is there a way to present Wiki threads separately from other content? I feel like they should have their own entry in the sidebar or something.

we would need a tag #wiki maybe

I did pinned the post, but somehow it does not show at the top by default

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ok, I found the issue, if this is pinned in the category, somehow it does not stay up. I pinned it globally, and now it shows up at the top


Thanks for adding me :3

Interesting, Discourse is so track-y that it tracks how many times each link was clicked.