RF on Guix - What's Everybody Up To?

I’ve started digging into the things I can do with HAM radio and other applications of RF software on guix.

JS8Call is the right combination of tricky and rewarding for me, I’m picking up FM stations I haven’t heard before, and it’s all not too difficult on guix which is great!

Care to share what y’all are up to anything interesting with RF on guix?

Currently some folks at my city is conducting classes on Ham radio. I never thought of using guix for RF. But if i do i may try sdr in ham radio frequency or FM radio.

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I still have a lot of learning to do myself - also don’t have my license yet, just listening for now. There sure is a lot to listen to with a USB SDR, Gqrx, and js8call software.

Not strictly Guix but Debian + Guix…

I have 3 of those handheld AM/FM CB radio dealios with the data link port. I have a couple of old netbooks connected to them to see what I can do for RF based text messaging.

I kinda want to use Guix to make a self-contained exe for RF comms.

Only just started though.