Guix on Steam Deck

I was wondering, if it’s as easy as this write up for Nix makes it out to be?

Did anyone try this or something similar?


I remembered this post I once saw on Mastodon. And I just came across this little thing. Don’t know if it actually running on steamdeck though.

In general, I think the method described in this article should work for guix too. I would definitely try this if I had a steamdeck.

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Found someone running Guix + EXWM on deck a couple of month ago on reddit => steam deck exwm setup (usage of guix system is mentioned in the comments).

I have a somewhat working guix as a foreign package manager running on deck myself, even though I mainly use my device for gaming and rarely ever in desktop mode. Maybe I’ll document what I did to get things going.

Others than that running guix system with nonguix for firmware on it should be as complex/trivial as it is to run guix system on any other x86_64 computer relying on proprietary firmware; as the steam deck basically is just a computer. Running guix system also is way easier than running guix as a foreign package manager on top of its immutable distro.

Thanks, for the links.

I’m also mostly gaming on my Deck and so I’m thinking Guix as a package manager.

I would love to hear how you got guix package manager running on Steam Deck!

Right now I’m using Nix because it was easy to set up but I prefer running Guix!