Guix and a USB WiFi Adapter

Does a USB WiFi adapter exist that works with Guix and that is available? I know it is problematic with librelinux but maybe a solution exist.

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I am also looking for one. In the meantime you could use nonguix, i.e., propietary firmware x guix. However I am searching for usb wifi adapter for guix, as you are. Possibly ath9k driven usb wifi dongles are the way to go (I hear).

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I use an ar9271 based usb dongle for wifi that costs around 10 bucks. It should be that one Atheros AR9271 802.11n 150Mbps Wireless USB WiFi Adapter For Linux | eBay (even though I bought it elsewhere and not on eBay). Others than that wifi - also lists some wifi usb dongles that work exclusively with free software.


I ordered one of this AR9271 USB WiFi Adapter. Looking forward to try it out. :star_struck:

Thanks, will try this one out. Do you happen to know whether this works for guix and not just nonguix by any chance? :slight_smile:

It works with linux-libre/guix out of the box, using nonguix is not required. afaik most ryf/libre wifi dongles (this one Penguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU / Linux (TPE-N150USB) | for example or most that are known working on parabolas wiki WiFi devices known to work with Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - ParabolaWiki) Iā€™m aware of use the AR9271 chipset and the blobfree ath9k kernel driver like the cheap one linked above do.