Recommendations for a Linux Compatible Affordable Color Laser Printer


I’m looking for recommendations on a Linux compatible color laser printer that both works well and is affordable. I’m leaning towards a Brother printer as people seem to rave about it, but wanted to see what others here used or what they’d recommend.

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Mine isn’t a color one, but it’s a Brother that prints duplex, and it’s always worked well with Linux. I use it via Wi-Fi too. The drivers on their site haven’t been updated in years, but they still work on current Debian, so I guess they don’t need to be.

I use an old-ish Samsung ML-2150 printer since ages, it does its job well for me (prints duplex, but doesn’t support colors). I’d suggest to take a look at printers - to see what options are available!

+1 for Brother; we have the cheapest b/w model we could find, and it works quite well. The built-in user interface is horrible for configuring wifi, but once it’s up and running it works splendidly well – we print from Linux, macOS, Windows, and iOS here, without issues.

I also have a cheap b/w brother laser, it’s usb though, so I used a raspberry pi to share the printer over network

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Add one more for the Brother pile. I’ve had such good luck with them over the last 10 years or so I don’t even bother looking at other makes. I have three of them sitting here right now. A new AIO scanner + color printer and 2 older BW printers.