Favicon has low contrast on browser light theme

This might not be an issue for all the dark-mode users, but I kinda lost the tab as the favicon is almost invisible within my light color theme:


It’s fine on a dark theme, but maybe some dark contours would help for the default of some users?

Hmm, yeah, it needs some work. I wonder if I make it all one color if the browser might so me a favor and invert the color correctly?

Phew, no idea. It has been a while since I’ve created my own. But I just noticed that there might be some other icon settings missing: Favicon checker.

Maybe a simple 1px solid black outline might work?


This would look like this:


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Definitely helps it stand out a bit more. I wonder if I should just put a dark blue filled circle behind the wheel so that it works in both contexts? Had to do that for the mobile app icon anyway.

Yeah, I’m currently trying something like that, but apparently I broke my GIMP instance while testing the Favicon… Might take a while :sweat_smile:

Ouch! I didn’t realize GIMP could be so persnickety

It’s an old installation - would be easier with the original SVG :smiley:

But the black circle wouldn’t help.

Leads to

Which looks more like a dark blob :frowning:

Yeah, that is super murky too. I think the SC logo is just too busy to represent well in such a small size.

I guess it would require having less details (three levels at the bottom half instead of six, for instance) and wider lines.

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Yep, probably something like that. I wonder if the graphic designer gave me a favicon back then…