Emoji reactions have been enabled!

I didn’t realize there was a plugin that allowed for emoji reactions to posts! I just enabled it so you should be able to hold the heart icon and choose from a set of pre-selected emojis.

Let me know what you think! Also, try it on this post :slight_smile:


I can toggle the heart, but not hold.

Hmmm weird. I’ve only tried it on mobile, though!

Yeah I can’t “hold” it… but I’m not sure what I did (refreshed, navigated to my preferences and back), but now I get a pop-up when I hover over the heart and it works. It didn’t when I first saw this thread.

Interesting! It must introduce a new JS file to the layout and the cache of the page needs to be refreshed for it to work.

Yes. Ctrl+Shift+R to force a fresh reload works. Afterward, you can hover over the heart and choose.

I’m sad there’s no shrug emoji for it… but what are you going to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hm, interesting. Apparently, neither :+1: nor :heart: trigger the badge:


@ryuslash didn’t get the first reaction badge for their “:+1:”. (Also, is that a Prinny? Dood!)

I’ll have to see if the :open_mouth: does it :slight_smile:

@ashraz yes it is, but he’s been customized to have a black appearance… he’s not a Prinny as such, but Tuxxy :smiley:

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That worked. On a desktop, hovering is enough to show the emojis.

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Hah, it seems that it only works (or at least works with) the :laughing: reaction. I tried :+1: :open_mouth: and :confetti_ball: which did nothing, but got the badge right away when I used :laughing:

Hm, we can only use approved emojis?

Yes. Note that the emojis already differ from the default, so I guess @daviwil made a decision to use only those:

I am using the current default set, I think the took out the seemingly negative ones. I think it’s better to keep them to a very reduced set so that things don’t get too wild, but I’m certainly open to suggestions for emojis to change or include!

Well, I feel that something’s missing if I can’t use :water_buffalo:, :bison:, and :penguin: around here.

And as for yourself, you’ve aptly demonstrated the need for :fire: and :fire_extinguisher:

I’ve realized there is one drawback about the :+1: reaction: it removes possible “Likes”, which use the :heart: reaction instead.

Discourse uses Likes (:heart:) as a source of trust. :+1: does not contribute to trust, and competes with :heart:. I recommend removing the :+1:, as users might be inclined to use :+1: for a “Like” otherwise.

Here’s an example of the usage of :heart: within my summary:

Note that :+1: does not count there.