Exploring bcachefs: The Future of Linux File Systems? Share Your Experience!

I’m gearing up to install Gentoo on my machine with kernel stable version 6.7.7. My plan is to give the bcachefs file system a shot. If you or someone you know has tinkered with bcachefs, we’d be thrilled to get the lowdown!
Feel free to spill the details—what impressed you, any hurdles you tackled, or any other tidbits. Your firsthand insights can be a game-changer for those itching to explore new tech like bcachefs.
Here’s a framework you can use to compose an answer about your experience with bcachefs:

  1. Introduction:

    • Briefly introduce your decision to explore bcachefs and the context of your experience.
  2. Installation and Configuration:

    • Share insights into the installation process and any specific configurations you applied.
  3. Initial Impressions:

    • Describe your first impressions when interacting with bcachefs. Did it align with your expectations?
  4. Use Case and Applications:

    • Explain the purpose for which you used bcachefs. Did you employ it for a specific project, or was it for general system use?
  5. Notable Features:

    • Highlight any standout features that you found particularly useful or innovative.
  6. Challenges Faced:

    • Discuss any challenges or difficulties you encountered while using bcachefs. How did you overcome them?
  7. Performance and Stability:

    • Share your observations on the performance and stability of bcachefs in your specific use case.
  8. Comparison with Other File Systems:

    • If applicable, compare bcachefs with other file systems you’ve used. What sets it apart?
  9. Recommendations:

    • Offer recommendations based on your experience. Who might benefit most from using bcachefs?
  10. Final Thoughts:

    • Summarize your overall experience with bcachefs. Would you continue using it, and why?

Remember, this framework provides a structure, but feel free to adjust and expand based on your unique experience and perspective.


Well, I have nothing to contribute here, but I’m certainly very interested to hear any replies from those who have used it. I’ve followed it on LWN for a while. Hope it lives up to the hype eventually. :slight_smile:


I use ext4 on my personal computer and never considered using something else in checks calendar probably 15 years or so as “it just works good enough for me” (as ext3 did before that). However, bcachefs seems pretty promising (ZFS is a pass as it’s proprietary, btrfs has too many known issues and gotchas for my taste). I’ve read a while ago that it knows 3 “storage targets”: Foreground and background targets that affect writes (data gets written to foreground targets first, later to background targets) and a promote target for caching reads; which certainly will be interesting for writeback cache set-ups (e.g. using SSDs in foreground for caching). I in particular wonder how it compares to dm caching (what LVM uses) in terms of speed and stability in those regards.


I think nowadays btrfs is extremely stable as well.

While it is of course just a single data point, I’ve used it about 3-4 years now and never had a single issue with it.

[Still: Would be very interested in hearing more about bcachefs]

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It is officially Open Source now. See, e.g. https://wiki.debian.org/ZFS

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Have you ever run out of disk space with it? I’ve consistently heard that that’s a big problem for btrfs.

Actually, yes, but that was my own mistake. - Made my system partition way too small and installed all of texlive…

However, it took it gracefully, just had to delete a few old snapshots.

These days, I my entire drive partitioned with btrfs and /home / and a few other things in separate subvolumes within that partition.

That works extremely well and allows you to independently snapshot your system (e.g. before upgrades) and your home folder.

It also removes the size restrictions from having “normal” partitons, meaning you’d effectively never have to worry about making them too large/small ahead of time.

[also: Should we make a separate thread? I feel a bit bad about completely derailing the bcachefs discussion here…]


[I reckon we’re doing well with our current vibe. We’re not just hunting down solutions in this post; we’re embracing exploration. It would be even more beneficial and cool if more folks chimed in with their experiences, no matter how small, to spice things up for the community.]