A Non-Guix Guile Setup?

With all the buzz about Hoot, it would be great if there a way to “get going” with Guile in earnest that doesn’t involve Guix.

I see GitHub - abcdw/guile-ares-rs: Asyncronous Extensible Reliable Scheme RPC Server for Guile. Mirror of https://git.sr.ht/~abcdw/guile-ares-rs and https://akkuscm.org/ , but is anyone familiar with these tools?

I know ECL has also seen some recent success at jumping to the web.


I’m putting together some setup steps for a Guile environment for the Guile Beginners’ course which target all OS’es and non-Guix distros, I will probably make a video on it as soon as the steps are shown to work for everyone.

Not sure how easy Hoot will be to install without Guix, but I’m sure that Spritely aims for that to be possible. I guess the biggest challenge at the moment is installing Guile libraries since only the most frequently used ones appear in distro package listings.

Might be useful to create an approach to install Guile dependencies directly from source without the need for Guix, or resurrect guildhall which tried to do that previously.


Does that include native Windows? Or do would one need to drop into WSL?

WSL is the preferred approach, but I also mention using MSYS2. I don’t know if there’s a standalone Guile distribution package for Windows, but I haven’t actually checked!

Maybe I’ll try to compile it via cosmopolitan, that might be a nice weekend project :slightly_smiling_face:

*EDIT: Apparently, I’ve already installed guile 3.0.9 via msys2. I just forgot about it. So much about the weekend project :smiley: