Succesfully run emacs on my foldable phone

I tried a lot,
the experience is extremly good,
it exactly feels like I am using emacs on laptop.

step1: install termux on your phone

step2: install emacs in the os (termux-app)
pkg add emacs git vim cmake ripgrep aterm aspell automake curl libtool imagemagick netcat-openbsd
step3: how to open url through your firefox app
M-x open-url-at-point-with-script-on-android

(defun open-url-at-point-with-script-on-android ()
  (let ((url (thing-at-point 'url t)))
    (if url
        (shell-command (format "~/ '%s'" url))
      (message "No URL at point"))))
#+begin_src shell :tangle "~/"  :tangle-mode (identity #o755)
# url must contain "https://", for example
am start -n org.mozilla.firefox/org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp $1

Termux is really nice. There’s also a full graphical Emacs build (official!) on F-Droid:

Your setup looks cool!

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Which phone is this, by the way?

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xiaomi mix fold 2
In china there are lot of phone brand.

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This source forge repo has custom build Emacs and termux so that you can use termux tools inside the emacs, also i am able install third party packages like which key, doom mode line

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Interesting, is this to enable the Android build of Emacs to have access to the common GNU command utilities?

I can access sed , ps and rg (which installed in termux)


I tested custom build Emacs on source forge, it can support display inline image
I can show people how cool it is.
My experience is: it is not perfect compared to running in terminal.