Mobile App Development?

I don’t see a lot of discussion on mobile app development using lisp-languages, but I might also be missing a lot just by not knowing enough about either to search effectively. Anyway, I would be very interested to know more about resources, experiences, advice, or whatever else people might have. A few projects I’ve found so far:

  • Lambda Native LambdaNative is developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for production of clinical mHealth applications. It’s written in Gambit-C.

  • LispWorks is a commercial cross-platform development tool for Common Lisp

  • Wukix created MOCL for mobile development using Commong Lisp, but their webpage seems to be defunct.

I know there’s more out there that I haven’t found, and maybe there’s a ton of lisp-language mobile development that I’m just oblivious to. In any case, I’d love to hear what people have to share.

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I’m curious about this too. I haven’t had any time to try anything out, but I would prefer using a Lisp over anything else. I did once look into using Clojure for Android development some years ago. I don’t know about now, but at the time it was possible but very slow because apparently Clojure creates a lot of classes at startup and during execution, and at the time the Android Java VM wasn’t optimized for this or something?

In any case, I’ve also been curious about using Picolisp to write something using PilBox

I think at the moment, any solution in this space is going to be “experimental”. Certainly the big shops don’t offer first-class support for Lisp-based languages.

It would be interesting to see if could be leveraged to get something working on Android.

Otherwise, the most polished answer that currently comes to mind is ClojureDart: GitHub - Tensegritics/ClojureDart: Clojure dialect for Flutter and Dart

since android can be programmed in any language that can be compiled down to java class files, i can’t see any reason why android apps couldn’t be written in clojure (or any implementation of lisp/scheme for the jvm).

looking into this, one problem could be that older versions of android don’t support the whole of jdk 8 directly.

Android apps can also be written in C which opens the doors to many other implementations that enable embedding or linking to a C application:

I’m not sure if it’s possible to do full UI development though.

I have been thinking of trying out ClojureDart bit haven’t found the time and space.

But I think it looks really interesting and I think there some “production” apps using it like Roam research

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