Spring Lisp Game Jam 2024 - What are you building?

Hey folks!

This thread is for those of us who joined up for the Spring Lisp Game Jam 2024 which just started today!

Post in this thread to let us know what you’re working on, give status updates, and share a link to your game page on Itch.io once its up. I’ll also try to keep a table of games that everyone is working on in this top post so that it’s easier to keep track.

Crafter Games

Crafter Game Project Language/Tools
@daviwil Lambda Dungeon Scheme, Guile Hoot
@cow_2001 Sudoku Scheme, Guile Hoot
@trev Tetris Clone Guile Scheme with ncurses
@snamellit Bloatrunner Scheme, Guile or Hoot!
@mirkoh Juggler Game Scheme, Guile Hoot
@cryptk Shoggy Emacs Lisp
@robjperez Millipede/Centipede Clone Scheme, Guile with Raylib

A sudoku with some flavour text, and maybe “art”. Nothing to show yet.


I am translating my old tetris clone from C99 into Guile Scheme using guile-ncurses. I’m hoping to learn Scheme and Guile better and see if I can convert some crufty C into a clean, concise Scheme script.


My project is Bloatrunner, a lode runner clone which I wanted to try to make like forever. I was planning to try Guile/Chickadee but maybe (against better judgment) I’ll try the guile/hoot project template. We’ll see.


A juggler game with simple physics and animation code. I’m using the guile/hoot game template.

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shoggy: a fairy chess variant in Emacs Lisp.

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Hey guys!
I’m trying to build a millipede/centipede clone using guile and raylib

This is my first project in Guile and using emacs so I’m not sure how far I will get.

Code lives here: GitHub - robjperez/lisp-game-1 but right now is the ugliest thing ever :slight_smile:


gdotris : GitJam Submission

Ran out of steam, so submitting a couple days early!


Have put it in the freezer. This time I sadly won’t get my first place (from the bottom).

Edit: deleted.(maintenance issue in itchio)

Also wanted to share the repository of my entry to the game jam:

The Ball and Paddle game is working now.

You can check it out.

The Audio still under investigation. May someone help.

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