Reddit: My husband has become a vim peasant - please advise

Maybe this will make you smile :slight_smile:. Or maybe you evil fellas can help out with some compromise :grin:.


It was kind of amusing, but it was also posted by a brand-new account, and people there are saying that it’s actually quite well-aged copypasta, so…

And yet enough people didn’t know about it (including me, and I guess also you) and got some amusement out of it :slight_smile:

We’re today’s lucky 10,000. :slight_smile:

Eh, being posted on a brand new account and being upvoted 1100+ times (nothing ever gets upvoted anywhere near that high on r/emacs), as well as having been crossposted on two other subs, it looks to me like a clear case of karma farming on a new account. I can’t endorse that.

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