Nyxt Web Browser configuration

Not exactly sure if this post belongs here or not.

I recently made the switch to Nyxt browser as ny daily browser. I’ve found it to be great so far.

The only thing keeping me going back to Firefox is my org-capture (org-protocol) set up.

I wrote this as a “bookmarklet” derived from the bookmarklet I use in FF.

(nyxt/mode/bookmarklets:define-bookmarklet-command-global org-capture
    "Org capture templates."
  "(function() { return 'org-protocol://capture?' + new URLSearchParams({url: location.href, title: document.title, body: window.getSelection()}).toString(); })()")

I was getting unbound function errors, but now it is at the point where it runs without error, but I am not getting my capture template choice opening in emacsclient.

Anyone able to help?


Glenn :slight_smile:


I got org-protocol working with my capture templates using the following:

(nyxt/mode/bookmarklets:define-bookmarklet-command-global org-capture
    "Org capture templates."
  "(function() {
     var url = location.href;
     var title = document.title;
     var body = window.getSelection().toString();
     var captureURL = 'org-protocol://capture?' + new URLSearchParams({url: url, title: title, body: body}).toString();
     alert(captureURL); // Debugging: Display the capture URL
     window.location.href = captureURL;

It alerts the captureURL to see if the constructed URL is correct. This can help verify if the issue lies in constructing the URL or in opening it with window.location.href.
Italso directly sets window.location.href to the captureURL.

This was the only thing stopping me from using Nyxt full time. Now I have this working, I can ditch FF.


Very cool! I have played around with Nyxt a few times, but haven’t yet put in the effort to make it my main browser.

I really like Nyxt myself too, it’s a pretty cool browser! I am still learning the ins-and-outs of it, personally, but I think it makes a great complement to Emacs.

Took a ton of reading and scribbling of other people’s attempts to get this working. I’m still learning myself, and recently started to actually understand what I was reading.

Worth it though. I like it. I have it set to use emacs key bindings so it feels familiar.

I used it now and then but sometimes my nyxt browser instance hang on random or when watching youtube video. Does any one faced similar issue?

i installed nyxt using flatpak in ubuntu.

I built it from source from their repositories. Running on Arch with only the occasional crash. Nothing too serious though