Hype Skeptic: Testing Hyprland - System Crafters Live!

What is the stream about?


Thank you sir! I need to get into the habit of posting the streams here too. Maybe a little automation?

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I haven’t been able to catch a stream live in a while and was only able to do it for 30 minutes but that was a really fun stream! Rick-roll animated background was a perfect send off.

To be fair to Hyperland, it handled all the shenanigans without complaint and did exactly the insane things it was asked to do. That is VERY impressive!

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It did pretty well! I had a lot of fun torturing it :slight_smile:


Maybe with a checklist? Not sure how you start the shownotes, but if they are captured, then you could have the checklist in there, but as COMMENT or :noexport:. Alternatively, you could use a small buffer-only checklist:

(defun show/forum/david/checklist (topic)
  "Return a checkklist for the SystemCrafters Live streams"
  (interactive "MStream topic: ")
  (let ((buffer (get-buffer-create "*System Crafters Checklist*")))
    (with-current-buffer buffer
      (goto-char (point-max))
      (insert (concat "* Prepare \"" topic "\" [/]"))
        (insert "
- [ ] Announced stream in YouTube
- [ ] Announced stream in [[elisp:dw/announce-topic][IRC]]
- [ ] [[https://forum.systemcrafters.net/latest][Add link to stream in forums]]
      (switch-to-buffer buffer))))

You could also add additional steps like

  • Switch OBS to start view
  • Verify that streaming machine is plugged in

I’ve used something similar in the past for my daily routine.