Cool Hyprland Configs

Loving Hyprland since I got it working. It’s a bit clunky since I don’t quite understand certain parts of the stack but Hyprland has been quite solid.

However, my config is really barebones and it’s been ages since I knew how to truly drive a tiling wm.

Is anyone else running Hyprland on guix? What has your experience been like?


@bionicbabelfish pointed me to his config on Mastodon:


Thanks for the mention @daviwil ! The config mainly has an (opinionated) set of packages for guix home (and the screenlocker setting for guix system) and it follows the crafted-guix format that David setup on the stream a while back. Many of the sway-related components (waybar, swaylock, fuzzel, etc.) are compatible with hyprland (waybar config needs to be adapted slightly for workspaces on hyprland). And all of these will obviously require their own dotfiles (not provided in the above .scm module). I’ve been daily-driving this now for about a month and it’s been pretty solid! I had to switch to Hyprland from sway because the latter had flickering issues with the nvidia driver.


I don’t know much about defining a package the way you have in your repo, so this is a great learning opportunity for me. Cheers (+ @daviwil )!

I tried hyprland on guix for a bit and had a not great experience in terms of reliability. Not using nvidia but sway has been reliably solid. I’m curious about riverwm but haven’t taken the plunge.

The best aspect I thought was the “scratchpad” behavior of multiple windows compared to sway’s scratchpad of cycling through windows set to the scratchpad.

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Interesting, I wonder what makes the difference? My GuixSD is on a Thinkpad X220 for whatever that’s worth. I haven’t tried to stand it up on something with discrete graphics yet.

Agreed on the subject of the “magic pane” - sounds wacky but I’m an old guake user and it scratches that itch while reasonably expanding the functionality.

it’s nice to have a choice of wayland (pseudo)tiling options.