Anybody else playing w/ fennel and AwesomeWM?

Anyone else playing around with AwesomeWM and fennel?

I am quite motivated to rotate out of the i3 set up I have now due to some rather poor handling of multi-display and power events. Also, I need to learn fennel for some other work and thought awesome hacking would be a good practical exercise.

I’m not finding a lot of great docs or examples for the task. I just went through David’s fennel video from a while back but the resources he referenced are 1) a bit limiting and 2) also apparently the best references available via a search engine. :wink:

Hoping maybe someone else has something in their pocket?

Not using awesomewm, just curious.

I tried to find something on this topic and can confirm, that all we have is docs for awesomewm itself, fennel and lua(?). And some config examples, which are also quiet few (I found two :smile: : 1 and 2).

Anyway, good luck in your endeavors!

It’s a bit weird as the reddit forum for awesomewm has quite a few posts with people mentioning their fennel + awesome configs but very few of them are shared/linked to.

At this point I’m sort of considering a different practical exercise. I may just jump straight to implementing a simple example of the Puppet Types and Providers layers for package management. One in fennel, one in Janet, and then maybe one in a Lisp with stronger typing.

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