William E. Byrd videos


For those who do not follow The little schemer co-author William E. Byrd yet. He challenged himself to make 1024 videos this year and most of them are related to Programming and scheme. For me it is quite entertaining. Look for William E. Byrd on youtube if you are interested



Yes, definitely! If someone has the link, please feel free to post it here.

Sure thing: https://www.youtube.com/@WilliamEByrd


I hesitated to post a link due to obscure reasons. Don’t ask. :sunglasses: But it was easy to find, I guess.

Thank you ashraz

And to just pick the coolest of his older videos

The most beautiful program ever written


Posting on-topic links to the forum is always OK!

Will Byrd is such a great guy, I have had many very good conversations with him personally.

I am just itching to try out Minikanren in some of my professional work, but it is just a matter of finding the time to do it.

I will have to talk to him about maybe re-publishing his videos on PeerTube, but for the time being, I can watch them with yt-dlp.


Hey Ramin!

I keep hearing about Minikanren but I haven’t looked into it all. What is interesting about it for you?

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Oh, it is a Prolog-like programming system for Scheme (and many other languages), and it was designed it to do program synthesis, which is something with which I have always been fascinated. It can of course also do the various logic programming algorithms that Prolog can do. The Clojure programming language actually incorporated Minikanren as the “clojure.core.logic” module.

Personally, I am hoping to some sort of Scheme DSL for generating code targeting a variety of object oriented programming languages, sort of like this Wax Programming Language and I want to have some kind of type checking built-in to it, and Minikanren is perfect for that.

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That sounds great! I’ll check it out

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I just asked Will Byrd if I could re-upload his videos to PeerTube and he said it was OK. His videos are all licensed CC-BY-4.0 anyway, but I thought it would be best to ask just the same.

Anyway, here is the channel: Unofficial William E. Byrd - Diode Zone

We will see how diligent I am about uploading.

See also: my Mastodon post for this new channel


If he was motivated to do so, he could have Peertube autoimport all new videos from his YouTube channel!


Thanks for this!

I’ve now watched a couple of the entries in the “Writes books” series, and can easily relate.


this video is on my “watch again”, on repeat. How simple a scheme interpreter can be

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