System Crafters Newsletter - Issue #009

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So you mention that the Void community is a bit… rough around the edges. I’m curious about void but also would really like to avoid communities that are. . well… let’s say communities that would violate the community guidelines you have for us here: System Crafters Community Guidelines - System Crafters . In short, I identify as one of those diverse backgrounds and identities mentioned there, and I really don’t want to join another FOSS community where slurs are commonplace.

Is void a community I should just keep at the edges?

I don’t get the impression that it’s a community where things like this are commonplace. Someone did come into their IRC channel saying some very questionable things but one of the maintainers shut it down fast. My hope is that the maintainers stay on top of anything like this that appears.

I definitely don’t want to promote any tool or project that has a community that isn’t compatible with our guidelines. If anyone hangs out around the Void community and finds anything concerning, I would definitely appreciate hearing about it.

That said, I am optimistic for now. Hopefully if more people from our community join them, we can increase the friendliness quotient.

Cool cool. I also did not want to imply that I felt that void WAS like that, I don’t know, that’s what I was curious about. Sounds like I’ll check it out more!

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