Somewhat minimal Emacs config

During the stream today, I mentioned I had put this together. I shared it on the stream in IRC, but in case others might be interested in grokking it, here is one take on a “minimalist” configuration that gets me pretty close to having everything I need. Notably missing are any external packages like BBDB, consult, vertico, etc. This uses only out-of-the-box features in Emacs, and leverages the EasyConfig system (mostly) for all the settings. Notable exceptions are setting keybindings and a couple of additions to the display-buffer-alist.

From General to Emacs

The what? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing, this is interesting! What’s the EasyConfig system? I couldn’t find anything while searching.

aww dang it… I meant the Easy Customization Interface: Easy Customization (GNU Emacs Manual)

I hate it when I mistype those. I wish I could go back and edit that post and fix that typo.

My bad… I mean the Easy Customization Interface : Easy Customization (GNU Emacs Manual)