Crafting a Minimal Writing Environment with Emacs - System Crafters Live!

Emacs packages

Showcased packages (in order of appearance)

These packages were shown by David on stream.

Mentioned packages

These packages were not shown within the stream, but only mentioned, either in chat or by David:

Complete Configuration

A .spacemacs configuration for writers: emacs-for-writers | Emacs configuration for writers. Focus on story development and structured writing. (mentioned by @shom in chat)

Emacs Lisp

Mentioned Emacs Lisp tidbits.


  • scroll-lock-mode (it doesn’t have an info node, so check the mode’s documentation via describe-function; TL:DR: make movement move the screen but keep the cursor at the visual position)


Other writer resources


Off-topic content:

  • please drink verification can (a dystopian outlook of always-online DRM, posted as a story on 4chan, screenshot by unknown, mentioned by acdw)
  • Xonotic (a Quake-like arena shooter)
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These notes are almost as amazing as the stream itself!


Yes, these notes are fantastic, thanks @ashraz! (no thanks to Leftpad though)

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