Guix OS, can't log in my graphical exwm user session

Hello every body!
I got an issue with GUIX installed, only once in a while does it decide to log me into my exwm session. Otherwise, it will hang after typing my password and freeze the screen (can’t ALT F123…). Although, instead of login from the graphic interface, I’m able to log from another tty. I’ve done =guix pull= from the root user, guess I should try to do it from my user too… Do you have any hints on this or maybe have you had similar experiences?

guix pull is usually run as a regular user rather than root.

See if anyone has already submitted a similar issue to the guix bug tracker. If not, you can do it yourself.
You also need to provide some useful information such as your config, channels and commits you are using, terminal output, etc. This will make it easier for people to find the source of the problem without guessing it blindly.

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