Encrypting both file, and it's RCS/VC/history under emacs

Hi I looked around and could not see any thing which would do this,
What I’m looking for is only a one file, using RCS (simple don’t need git)
and also encrypting the VC history all inside emacs.

Has anyone done this ?

Thanks in advance.


Maybe using a vault?

there are things like git-crypt, but way to complex for my simple case
of encrypting only one file and it’s VC information,

Unless I’m missing something (I’m expert at that, my wife keeps tells me;) there is no VC in vault?

thanks for the help.

Which vault?
I was thinking about a vault that can hold the file and and it’s VC information that can be mounted as folder.
This way, you could mount (decrypt) it, edit like nomal, and in the end unmount (decrypt).