Crafting 3 Guile Scheme Programs in 2 Hours - System Crafters Live!


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Found this:

It needs a Guix package.


Started a thread for it:

If you are interested I made a simple Guix package here
I’m not an expert on the subject and something I don’t understand yet is that I need to add the tcl and tk packages after a guix shell guile guile-pstk tcl tk although the packages have been defined as inputs in the definition file.

There is guide for package definition on the Guix site:

linked from (under “Packages”):

You add it to the ./gnu/packages/guile-xyz.scm file in the Guix repository, commit the change, make a patch file using git format-patch HEAD~, and send the file to

I know the whole process already :wink:. But before releasing this definition package I need to answer the following questions:

  • Why I need to install this package with tcl and tk althoug they are already defined in the package definition.
    According to the documentation :

propagated-inputs is similar to inputs , but the specified packages will be automatically installed to profiles

So I suppose I should try propagetd-inputs.

  • What is the proper license to use. It looks like a BSD. I can ask the owner :slight_smile:
  • The versioning doesn’t exist yet so how to manage it ?

Yep, propagated-inputs is the way to make those dependencies come across to the user’s profile automatically.

Some packages in the Guix repo don’t have versions attached, just a version of 0.0.0 including a commit hash. For example:

It’s definitely better to encourage the creator to add versioned tags to their repo, though. Perhaps if @cow_2001’s fork takes over, that repo can be tagged instead?

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Just a quick OT note here: it’s strange that @cow_2001 explicitly creates a new thread about the package, yet the discussion happens here :sweat_smile: