Cc-isearch-menu on MELPA

Hi folks, I just got my first Emacs package published on MELPA: announcing cc-isearch-menu. More info about it here. nfdn: cc-isearch-menu now on MELPA


Cool. Quick question, what does the cc in the name mean?

Thanks for the reply! The ‘cc’ is Just my initials. My IRL name is Charles Choi.

Oh, I hadn’t seen anyone put their initials in the name of an Emacs package before. :slight_smile:

The screenshots look nice. Have you considered trying to upstream something like it into Emacs? I, too, can’t remember all the Isearch commands while using it.

@alphapapa I’ve no idea how to upstream this code, but as this is new I’m okay with seeing how much interest it garners. If at some later date there is enough momentum, then I can try to look into it.

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Oh wow, I should learn how to use transient too. I didn’t know isearch had that much functionality, thank you!