What guix really needs is guix user repositories

Nix has nix user repositories. Gentoo has gentoo overlays.

It is possible to search packages on all registered gentoo overlays.


Yes. That is exactly what https://whereis.みんな/ is! You can even search other users repository using toys https://toys.whereis.みんな/

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You should advertise it widely. Why didn’t I know about it already?

If I knew about this, I would have started learning guix.

The domain name might have something to do with its not being very well-known…

I think david wilson of system crafters should advertise this widely on his youtube channel.

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I am literally advertising here? I found about it on the Fedi, it is part of the #guixrus collective. As I new guix user I’ve found it useful to find example of packages and setup my personal channel. It is also faster and includes the guix channel so I default to it over the official https://packages.guix.gnu.org/

On the other hand, it reinforces the purpose of site. To find over guix users. みんな means everyone in Japanese. So the URL says where is everyone!

Forum comments don’t reach enough people. David wilson and other content creators need to advertise this.

It also required better search engine optimization. I can’t find it on search engines with usual search terms I can think of.

Thanks for the link!
I sent a patch yesterday to add my own repository. We’ll see how it goes.

Hi amano,

This was mentioned at least couple of times by David and other members. Some of us have channels indexed there. Also mentioned by Andrew Tropin on a recent video.

You may not know it, but its not hidden.



I don’t think they (whereiseveryone) are on the forum, but you can find then on irc (#whereiseveryone on libera) or on their mailing list on source hut (~whereiseveryone)


this is the video posted by Andrew related to this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsY00oWBgJw

A bit meta… Hope that’s ok.

Is that TLD in … Kanji? It must be from what PuercoPop wrote. I don’t speak or read Japanese but with the rounded-ness it almost looks more Korean? Or even slightly Arabic? Interesting regardless.

Low volume, meta probably ok :slight_smile:

Japanese uses hiragana (which this is) and katakana in addition to kanji

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TIL! Off to do some searching! ty