Using Emacs in a Work Environment


I am relatively new to emacs, I’ve been poking at it for about a year but it didn’t really start to click until I had an excuse to use it for writing VHDL on a remote machine for a class last semester (currently an engineering student).

I am trying learn/figure out a work flow for org-mode for work and personal projects. I’m spread across numerous machines (primarily linux boxes although my work machine is windows).

As the title suggests I’m curious how folks make emacs and org-mode work for them at work.

I’ve been using org-mode to track tasks and make notes but I’m running into issues making my notes exportable for other coworkers.

Work is a windows shop unfortunately and documentation is done in word/pdf/excel, the workstations do not have scripting privileges, and things are networked in a way I don’t fully grasp (lots of UNC paths).

I’ve tried both:
org-odt-exporter - kind of works but produces broken files when I try to give it a style document.
pandoc - works better but doesn’t acknowledge :noexport: and chokes on UNC paths when I’ve tried to instrument it with emacs.

As much as I enjoy emacs and org-mode I feel like I’m spending too much time trying to get things to work.

Bidirectional interoperability with proprietary software is often difficult. Exporting from Org to other formats is usually fine, but sometimes details (like ODT styles) can be challenging.

My advice:

  1. Don’t try to force it. Use Emacs/Org for what is beneficial. If you have to do some things on other platforms for team coordination, just do it. Other software is always a moving target, so don’t spend too much time trying to integrate with it.
  2. This topic comes up a few times a month on r/emacs and r/orgmode and has for years. The principles haven’t changed, and few of the specifics have. Search for those discussions and mine them for information. There are blog posts about it as well, which should be findable on DDG.

Honestly at the moment I’d settle for a reasonable one way conversion but as you say I may just have to bite the bullet and write certain things in word.

I have been mining reddit and blogs for a solution but operating under windows with no scripting privileges or the ability to install 3rd party software directly on the system is really making thing challenging.

ox-pandoc looks like it might do the trick but I am off sick today so testing will have to wait.

Thank you for your response : )

A workaround may be something like this: 1) export an Org file to a Word doc; 2) edit that document’s styles according to preference; 3) delete the content and save it as a template; 4) in the future, export Org content to a Word doc, and then copy its content into the template, which may apply the styles. (A more manual operation than exporting directly to a file using the template’s styles, but it might work more reliably.)

It’s always an unfortunate, difficult situation if you can’t install the software you need. (I guess Emacs has been approved, though?)

Yeah that might help.