SOLVED : Newbie help - erc & authinfo not being read correctly?

I am trying to setup ERC and have managed to get it to connect to libera without issue, not using my registered nick.

I do have my details stored in .authinfo.gpg, and that is being read correctly, because elfeed is working.

I have this line for libera
machine login moshh password **** port 6697
and yet auth-source-debug reports

auth-source-search: found 0 results (max 5000) matching (:user (“moshh”) :host (“”) :port (“irc”) :require (:secret) :max 5000)

I’ve received some help on the irc already and I apologise as I’ve forgotten peoples’ names. My function to connect is

  (defun erc-run-libera ()
    "Run ERC and connect to Libera"
    (erc-tls :server "" :nick "moshh" :port "6697")

any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m starting to tear my hair out (figuratively speaking)

Removing the :port 6697 from the entries in my got authinfo working.