Org babel table and elisp

Here is the org file

#+NAME: fontsettings
| Variable | Value        |
| fontname | "Iosevka NF" |
| fontsize | 14           |

#+name: getvariable
#+begin_src elisp :var table="fontsettings"
  (let ((config 
         (cl-mapcar (lambda (variable value)
                      `(,variable . ,value))
                    (mapcar (lambda (name) (substring-no-properties name ))
                            (org-table-get-remote-range table "@I$1..@II$1"))
                    (mapcar (lambda (name) (substring-no-properties name ))
                            (org-table-get-remote-range table "@I$2..@II$2")))))
    (alist-get 'fontsize `',config))

#+RESULTS: getvariable

My goal is a to make org noweb function <<getvariable()>> in which I am able to give the name of property (like fontname) and it returns the value of the property.

Figured it out tusharhero/didc -