Modules for Scheme source file and/or project overview?

What’s THE overview module for dealing with Scheme in Emacs? I want to look at my file(s) without all the junk inside its definitions.

Maybe a code folding module? Maybe something that folds different levels when one presses shift + tab, the same as in org-mode?

There’s also find-grep, but that a bit too static - unless one reruns it, its output doesn’t follow the current state of the source.

What are my options?

I don’t understand the first question.

For code folding you can use outline-mode and hs-minor-mode.
The logos package can be used for narrowing, it works very nice with outline-regexp.

I’m using evil-mode but I’m not very familiar with vim’s folding capabilities, could anyone recommend those?

Doom Emacs has a hideshow minor mode configured to work in a similar way to Vim:
z-c closes a fold
z-m closes all the folds in the buffer
z-o opens a fold

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The question is - what is (are?) the best ways I could look at an overview of my project and/or current source file. By overview I mean a list of topmost names, and such.

I see. I use imenu for that, I guess this is the traditional approach, maybe there are better ways to do it. Using imenu you add some comment regexp and then in a source file you can create sections that you can reference using imenu.