Gnosis (γνῶσις) | SRS for GNU Emacs

Since I first started using emacs a little over a year ago, thanks to systemcrafters emacs from scratch series, all I wanted was to craft a spaced repetition system tailored to my needs for emacs :slight_smile:

Project’s Page

I’m not a programmer and not much of a computer fan, but I hope some of you will find it useful or inspire you to create something new.

Once more, thanks @daviwil for introducing me to GNU Emacs through your content! I probably wouldn’t know it even existed otherwise.

adding a screenshot


This looks awesome, nice work!

David Wilson via System Crafters writes:

  • daviwil
    February 21

This looks awesome, nice work!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that I’ve pushed a new version that has reworked the UI for adding notes…

Just when I think I’ve figured out how I should implement a feature, I suddenly find a new emacs built-in function that does what I want even better. I was looking in the string-edit.el and found out about read-string-from-buffer which I’ve now implemented.