Get the Craftering OPML as Elfeed elfeed-feeds!

Some functions for making a tagged list of Elfeed elfeed-feeds. :night_with_stars:

Don’t know what should be the API, or if it is at all useful for anything, or if it’s written THE RIGHT WAY.


@shom had said I should convert it into a general opmls-to-elfeed-feeds kind of package. I’m considering ways it may be used.

One way would have a defcustom variable holding a list of OPML addresses, with the same type signature of the elfeed-feeds variable from the elfeed package. Periodically, one would then run an OPMLs updating command that would construct an elfeed-feeds list and append it to another defcustom variable (also deduplicate, of course). This function would only add new feeds, never delete. A deleting update would be done using another command.

Last time I tried writing a package that switches between the static elfeed-feeds stored in the defcustom variable and one dynamically constructed, elfeed forgot the defcustom one and I had to restart Emacs each time I used the dynamic elfeed-feeds using command. If it happens this time I would have to badger the elfeed people.